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Amy Walker

Nutritionist and Start Up Biz Coach

Amy Walker - BSc Is a Nutritionist and start up Business Coach taking people from no clue to plan and do.


Breaking free of the corporate world and launching her own successful online nutrition business, Amy now helps others to escape the 9-5, overcome not knowing where to begin, the fear of getting started and into action! Amy also continues to run her successful online nutrition practice, Nutritency helping people build their health, lose weight and feel great!


Amy believes you only get one life and should live it your way, with no regrets.


Amy holds a BSc in Nutritional Science and the University of Bedfordshire, Nutrition Diplomas from BSY and Premier Global plus Sales and Business Management certifications.  Amy is always excited to speak about her passion and has appeared as a speaker on OM Times Radio, Seattle and The 50K Formula Event London, UK

Amy enjoys, cycling, having fun, working from as many sunny locations as possible and lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

Awards and Affiliations

I attended Oaklands College, St Albans, UK and trained in Fitness.

I was later awarded with a Diploma in Nutrition with BSY in 2007, a further Diploma in Nutritional Therapy with Premier Global in 2010 and was awarded a BSc in Nutritional Science in 2012 from The University of Bedfordshire,…

Amy Walker

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