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Welcome aboard Wellness Universe Author! – UPDATED 07/15/21

We are looking forward to publishing your content with the additional benefit of sharing it to over one million followers on social media the day it publishes!

Did you know The Wellness Universe has over 30,000 pages of content? We are a content giant, and your blog and author page will easily find its way into google! Be sure to write quality, relevant content that is filled with descriptive keywords to turn up in web searches.

So, let’s get your message, wisdom, and great article out to the world.

I – First article? Get set up as an Author for The Wellness Universe

Your Wellness Universe Profile must be filled out. Specifically, your About Me section. Your article WILL NOT be published if you have a blank profile. Need assistance? Reach out, we have great resources to help you craft an amazing profile

Short Bio for your Author Page

A short Bio (maximum of 300 characters) is required with your first submission. You will see a field to submit this on the Submit Your Article form. Your bio appears under your article and links to your Author’s page and your Wellness Universe profile. We will not edit your bio or change it more than twice a year, upon request.

Your Photo

Every blog author has a Gravatar. It is where your photo lives, you can share it to any blogs you write for, it’s essential. Need a Gravatar?

*This Gravatar YouTube Video shows you how to get set up easily.


 Here is what we will need at the time you submit your article, so please have everything on hand when you are ready to submit:

Your Article

Your article can be:

  • A One-Off: Any article that stands alone, is not a multi-part, or series.
  • A Series: ALL series must be approved so we can schedule them. Email if you have a series idea.
    • 2-Part Series can be created from a long article (over 1,000 words). Both articles must be submitted at the same time using 2 separate submission forms.
    • A Long Series: 3 – 7 articles that are published consecutively, one per week. All articles must be submitted at the same time, each on a separate submission form.
    • A Weekly Series: based on a topic or theme, the weekly series must be pre-approved. Please email us prior with your series idea.
    • A Monthly Series: based on a topic or theme. A monthly series must be approved. Please email us with your series idea prior to submission.
    • Core Blogger: Premium & Premium Plus Members can have a guaranteed slot and are featured on our Core Bloggers page. Email us if you wish to be a Core Blogger.

Article length

  • 500 – 1,000 words. The Wellness Universe blogs provide compassion, education, support, and awareness to the reader.
  • Your article should be educational, inspirational, motivational, or informative. You may use storytelling with lessons to enrich the reader’s life.
  • Your article is to be structured as such: Introduction, Content, and a Conclusion or closing thought. This structure creates a professional article and demonstrates the importance, relevance, and your authority on the subject matter.
  • Follow WU’s basic style guide. No ellipses, no forward slashed, no profanity, numbers below 10 are to be spelled out (unless they’re in reference to ingredient quantities in a recipe), format recipes like you see them in a cookbook and not as a running script, use single spaces between words and sentences, insert double line spaces between paragraphs, and use the Oxford comma.

We will not publish articles that are written in a solely promotional nature for your product or service.


Articles must be approved and can take up to 30 days to publish. If you are submitting a Blog Series, ALL articles in your series must be submitted at the same time, each one using a separate submission form. A Series is defined as a minimum of two (2) and maximum of seven (7) articles surrounding one topic or theme that will post 1X a week, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

If you are joining us as a Core Blogger or have a pre-approved article, your submission must be received a minimum of 15 days before your scheduled publication date.

Vlog articles (articles with a video)

A Vlog is a YouTube or Vimeo video that is no longer than 10-minutes in length and follows the guidelines regarding value-based content as stated above which applies to both written and video content we publish.

Please ensure video permissions are set for public viewing before submitting your vlog. Also, a brief written introduction of at least three short paragraphs is required. It will publish with your video.

 Video Mentions

If you mention or reference your contact information audibly or visually in your video, you must also mention you are a member of The Wellness Universe and that you can be found on


Your article can contain one link as a Premium Member and two links as a Premium Plus Member. Links can be to your email sign-up, your website, Facebook Group, etc. Be sure your links are not broken prior to submission. Basic members, no links.

Citing References

Source links to scientific data, references, studies, etc. should be included. You can have reference links to verified references whose content was used in the article.

 Ads & Calls to Action

To bring attention to a call to action such as a product, service, newsletter sign-up, etc., purchase an “In Content Ad.” HERE is an example: Include an image and link for your Ad at the time you submit your article. Do so in the appropriate slots on the submission form, not in the body of your article.

Edit and Proofread Your Article

  • You are required to submit your article edited and proofread three times. If your article is not properly edited, we will send it back. Popular editing apps include Grammarly, Hemmingway App, and Microsoft Word’s Editor (all are free). If you have repetitive words refer to Rhymezone and search “find synonyms,” this is a free site. If you’re not sure about the spelling or the meaning of a word check the Merriam-Webster dictionary, another free site. If you need a professional editor, contact LE Saba for special rates for WU Members Only.

Articles that are not properly edited WILL be sent back and you may miss the scheduled publication date.

The Wellness Universe reserves the right to edit/alter all submissions at our discretion. Our blog is optimized for SEO during the publishing process, consequently SEO optimization, your title, and content may be edited. Edits will not be significant and are made to ensure the most visibility and to create relevance for your article in search engines.

The Wellness Universe may from time to time republish an article to our site(s) in whole or in part and may use your content to create graphics and content for social media. You will always be cited if and when your content is featured or re-published.

Yay! You’ve read through the submission requirements. Now it’s time to submit your article!


Fill Out the Form & Upload Your Article

Log into your account on Go to your member dashboard (the menu appears when you hover over your profile picture). Select ‘Submit an Article.


Files must be uploaded as a Word Document only. Please submit ONE article only per submission form. For example, if you are submitting two articles, you are required to fill out two separate article submission forms; if you are submitting an approved series, each article must be submitted separately.


Upon submission, your screen with have a pop-up confirmation. If you do not see it, your article was not properly submitted.

Within 72 business hours of receipt, you will receive a confirmation. After review, we will email you with your publication date. If your article is denied, you will receive an email with further instructions. You’ll receive one final email the day your article posts to

Remember, supporting your article is essential. The day your article posts, you are requested to support your content by sharing it and replying to comments. 

Please check back often on the day of and the days following your publication, as you will not receive automated notifications of comments.

We encourage you to visit the Featured Blog and support your fellow WU Authors. It is a great way to build relationships. Those who give support, get support.

If you do not support your content, The Wellness Universe reserves the right to refuse future articles for publication.


Please reach out to with any questions and allow up to 72 business hours to hear back from us. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

We are excited to welcome you aboard!


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