Confidence in Any Situation

Even the most confident people get shaken. It’s all about mindset. In life, have you ever been shaken because of energy you came into contact with? Or how about feeling insecure when you are generally a confident person?

When you are in the company of others who operate from fear-based thinking, they may be projecting their insecurity onto you. It’s instinctual in a way, just as animals engage in mating rituals to display they are worthy of pairing with the best dancer (birds), fighter (deer for example), etc. to keep the species going, we too feel we have to put on our best show, be ‘the best’, and be ‘the winner’ all the time.

Yes, sometimes you have to be picked as THE best of them all to get that job, land a role, etc., however, this does not diminish your value, worth or your contribution. To move forward as a society we do not need to fear or be intimidated by others. We don’t need to feel less than or submit to this ‘competitive’ mindset. It simply is not beneficial, and these thoughts and feelings only exist in our minds.

If someone else is projecting insecure energy (judging, close-mindedness, envy), know this is their problem. Regroup and get balanced again from your heart-based intention. You are about collaboration, co-creation and helping the world be whole, so this starts with the person in front of you. Smile and offer them a handshake or hug. The best thing YOU can do is ask, “How can I help or support you”? You will be surprised at how many do not take you up on your offer, BUT you just opened a door to love and closed the door on fear.

You are here to give and serve rather than take and squander.

Personally, I love being around confident people who are heart-based. They are always ready to serve and if something isn’t for them, they know that too, which is a GOOD thing. Confidence in who you are and what you do allows you to make the greatest impact. You know your purpose, cause and have convictions.

It takes practice and courage to be confident and heart-based. It requires being vulnerable and detaching from outcomes. Practice positive affirmations and reconnect to who you know yourself to be. Breathe and center yourself to get back to your balance. The world needs you to be your best version of YOU which is all in YOUR mind. Who and what do you believe yourself to be?

What are your thoughts? Please share in comments.

Peace, love & light,

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  1. Shari Alyse

    Yes, how important it is to stand in the knowingness of your own power and strength and not be knocked around by others and their fears. Thank you for sharing your heart with us to encourage us all to be better. ❤