Sharing Your Good Deed is A Good Deed

Have you given gifts of your kindness and time? Have you shared the story with someone to hear them say ‘You shouldn’t tell people about your good deeds if you seek recognition’ or something to that effect? I remember once when I gave blood, my friend said to me that I shouldn’t tell people, as if I should keep it silent. I was told, in so many words, that speaking about doing good deeds takes away the ‘good’ from the ‘deed’. My perspective was, if I told someone, maybe they would consider donating blood too, to save a life.

I encourage you to share your good deeds with the world. The more people see other people, just like them, are doing good, will inspire others to do the same.

WE inspire people to take action. WE are role models. When someone who is listening is moved by what we do, they are more likely to go out and do something awesome too. You have a more profound impact when that person feels you are authentic and genuine. If someone feels comfortable around you and feels like your life is similar to theirs, your impact and inspiration will take deep roots.

We never know who is listening. The more real we are, the more humble we are, yet share the positive things we do, the ripples of inspiration and love are amplified.

Go out there and do good. Report back and let the world know what you did, how it made you feel and how it made others feel. You will inspire others! For someone to say ‘I can do that too’ is the greatest gift your good deed can result in. Inspire someone today.

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