Mother’s Day Without You

Missing my mom today. It’s Mother’s Day in the U.S.

December of 2012 my mom was visiting me in Portugal. She was a transplant patient and riddled with health issues. You would never know how sick she really was from her spunk and bold personality. She was always teetering on the edge of it being her last day on Earth.

In fact, she was bumped off the kidney transplant list several times due to health related issues, which made her sicker and weaker. Eventually, she got her kidney, thanks to her sister, my blessed Godmother who had a good talkin’ to with the hospital.

Immediately after spending Christmas at my parents home, we flew to my home in Portugal. Within 2 days, my mom was in the hospital. January 10th 2013 she suffered a massive heart attack and passed.

So many stories, questions and conversations waiting to be told. So many milestones and celebrations we did not experience. Missing you today mom.

A random moment in the kitchen. My mom rarely smiled for photos as she was self conscious about her teeth. I found this photo today and it is as if she is looking directly at me, and standing before me here. I can still see her blue eyes and pain she masked, yet had so much hope and happiness as she got older. Smiling for photos only in the last years of her life. I only wish she smiled more and allowed more joy in her life, for more of her life.

A little post in her honor.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s day and if you too are motherless, know your mom is watching over you. Whatever happened on Earth, know that only love exists where she is now, she is happy and pain free and she watches over you with unconditional love. I know this to be true.

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  1. Nicole Levac

    For some reason, I see this post today. Tomorrow will mark the 1 year without my mom. Your message definitely made me smile, knowing that my mom is finally in a place of love and pain-free. Thank you <3