The Conscious Choice to Make Money: 8 Tips for Financial Freedom

The New Year is upon us and I know one thing is for sure, you want it to be more spectacular than 2018. We are down to the wire and if you are reflecting on your challenges and unsatisfactory areas of life, you are contemplating what must change in 2019.

Maybe it’s health, maybe it’s relationships, maybe it’s achievement. One of the most common things people want is a better financial situation or simply, to make more money!

According to “In the 12-year span from October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2017, about 12.8 million consumer bankruptcy petitions were filed in the federal courts. Of those, 8.7 million–68 percent–were filed under Chapter 7, and 4.1 million– 32 percent–were filed under Chapter 13. Nonbusiness filings (i.e., filings involving mainly consumer debt) constituted 97 percent of all Chapter 7 bankruptcies and 99 percent of all Chapter 13 bankruptcies.”

We typically don’t awaken and say, “Let me intentionally exceed my budget today.” But it is evident in our spending compared to what we earn, there is a widespread issue.


In fact, I am willing to bet that if not you yourself have filed bankruptcy, you know someone who has.

The next 8 suggestions are my own. As the founder of The Wellness Universe, I have seen countless people, from professionals who are outstanding in their field to educated business owners, with recurring money issues: “I can’t afford” or “I am struggling” can be heard on any given day. Why is this so, when I know they are great at what they do? They have a crevasse they are peering into daily that stands in the way of their passion, work ethic, offering, etc. from connecting them to prosperity and financial freedom.

It is obvious that money issues are common and no-one is immune from them.

How can one leapfrog to abundance? What can we do to have an excess of cash flow and liquidity to live with less stress, more freedom and help more people?

Here 8 tips inspired by intellectual, occupational, physical, mental and spiritual wellness areas:

1. Mindset: Do you feel a lack of worthiness when it comes to money? Do you feel you have a threshold on your value? I made this point number 1 for a reason. This may be the hardest thing to accept. You wrap beliefs (and excuses) around why you feel you aren’t worth a certain wage or fee, when at the root, it’s because you deeply do not feel confident or worthy. A shift in mindset is necessary. It’s intentional, emotional and takes work. Or do you feel money is evil? There are so many areas our mindset works in reverse and we must do the conscious work to align our mindset to attract money.

2. Are your skills up to date? Are you still offering items or services that are now dated? Thanks to technology change is rapid and we sometimes do not have a moment to adapt to the changes until we find our products/services are not selling.

Stay on top of your game in your industry with going to conferences, networking and connecting. Additionally, a good business coach can help.

Why do I suggest these things above research? Research takes lots of time. Once you are in the company of people and places where new ideas and cutting edge exist, you will cut the hours spent doing research, evaluating and then understanding how to apply what you have learned. Education and research are always important, but the fast-track to getting in the know is through peers, mentors and experiences.

3. Are your certifications up to date? Continued education and certificates additionally help you earn a higher wage or command a bigger price tag. Additionally, while working on these certificates, you may meet some really awesome people to include in your community (Tip number 5).

4. What makes you different? We can get caught up in what marketing gurus are pushing now and get lost in following a (actually, their) blueprint for success, becoming something that you are not. Never change who you are. While a *system is needed, don’t get lost in becoming something you are not because someone says it’s the way to success. The best way you can show up is by being you. Your individuality and unique offerings are the key to your success.

*I will not get into systems here as I have written about business plans, strategy, marketing and such before. Your business systems are essential to be successful and I recommend you have systems in place for the different areas of your business. For those who are unclear what a system is, from “A system is a procedure, process, method, or course of action designed to achieve a specific result. Its component parts and interrelated steps work together for the good of the whole. Creating effective business systems is the only way to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and ultimately benefit customers. Systems are Your Building Blocks.

Systems and processes are the essential building blocks of your company, whether you realize it or not. Every facet of your business—in the store, the workshop, or the office—is part of a system that can be managed or improved by applying correct principles.”

5. Community. Expanding on number 2, do you keep people around you that are encouraging, supportive and some that truly understand your passion, purpose and goals? Or do you feel no-one understands you or worse yet, feel in competition with others in your industry? Build your community and have your go-to people for emotional as well as professional support. This is essential to keep your spirits high, open doors to collaboration and opportunity.

6. Have you investigated your past? I am talking about in a spiritual way. Maybe your beliefs are not your own. Perhaps attachments and detachments have been handed down through your lineage. Are you replaying issues you have seen in your family? No matter how hard you try to be conscious and aware, endeavors are always a swim upstream including financial gains. Energetically and according to science, quantum physics and such, you may have these attachments and not even be aware of it. A look at this may be needed. SuperConscious Self Coaching is a great method to try!

7. Make it a priority and set intentions. Do you set intentions or just get up everyday and work, work, work, expecting change? We all know the saying “work smart not hard” yet we work hard and not smart. We may pick the easy things to do or go about our day without a vision. Have you created a vision board or tried setting intentions?

Recently, I was speaking to a very dear, well-educated and seasoned in life, friend. After 2 marriages and a series of crazy relationships you can write soap operas about, she desperately wanted her lifetime love. She informed me her life changed with one small suggestion I made to her a few years ago: “Write down what you want, what you know you are worthy of and how you want someone to show-up in your life. Be intentional.”

Each night she read this list to herself before bed and again upon awakening. Within a few months she met the man of her dreams! Without expectations other than focusing on her Highest Good and serving that, to find her true love. Now married, living in a mansion, traveling the world together and enjoying hobbies together, she lives a true fairy tale. They even started a business together!

Getting clear on your worth, what you desire and setting intentions are very effective. This works with: relationships, money, health, etc.

8. Meditate. Before you go about your day and allow the world to swallow you up, take a moment to meditate and ground yourself. Get connected to who you are and your ‘why’. Carry the vision throughout the day to guide you on your journey.

I hope a few of these tips have inspired you. When you are financially healthy, you serve so many more! You are independent and can help those around you. You operate from a space of creation and service rather than fear, lack and need.

May 2019 be abundant and prosperous for you. May you explore and find areas or your life budding blooms of blessings that were just waiting for you to shine the sun of your awareness on them to unfurl into beautiful flowers.

When you are happy, healthy and well, you make the world a better place. I believe this and why I created The Wellness Universe. We must come together for not only our own health and well-being but that of the world.

Start now. Share this article and help another get inspired to be financially well.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, joy, peace-filled and prosperous New Year!

I welcome your comments and your tips! Please post below.

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