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  • Join @jeanvoicedart as she shares 20 Tips For Loving Your Emotions And Living A Happier Life. Emotions are a necessary part of life. If practiced diligently, these twenty tips will raise emotional awareness, boost gratitude and joy, and increase one’s potential to live a happier, healthier life.…[Read more]

  • Kindness sings a song that Blesses all Life.
    ~@jeanvoicedart #WUWorldChanger WU_8142

    Kindness sings a song that Blesses all Life. ~@jeanvoicedart #WUWorldChanger WU_8142
  • @jeanvoicedart Hello,
    Monterey!!! Rare that anyone is from the peninsula. Glad to know there are others around. We have a spiritual retreat at Asilomar every other year in the Spring. Our sister Hypnosis school has beginner and advanced classes at Asilomar. In the next few months we will start some local group meditations to one of Heaven’s…[Read more]

  • @jeanvoicedart Thank you Jean for reaching out to me – I am most grateful .Aloha, Nick

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