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nicholas prukop

Healthy Aging & You: Your Journey to Becoming Happy, Healthy & Fit

Nick is a health coach and personal trainer with over 25 years in the fitness industry. His mission is to influence the conversation on healthy aging in America and support positive change in how we live our lives. He is committed to inspiring, informing, and moving to action people of all ages to embrace their best versions of themselves. He is open and receptive - and grateful - for the many blessings in his life and knows that by continuing to work toward being the "example of the change he wishes to see in the world" that his life can serve as a model for future generations to come. He wants to leave a legacy of love, compassion and caring behind him that reflects the joy he knew as a boy on Maui and was  filled with a sense of wonder - and love - of Hawaii.

Each of us is unique and precious and it is Nick's mission that we all live to our highest vision and purpose - helping to shape a world that reflects the love within our own hearts. Nick is a student of life - and in particular - his own life - and this process continues to guide his choices each and every day. At 70 he is beginning a new journey and he invites you to join him on this adventure called life. He published his first book "Healthy Aging & You: Your Journey to Becoming Happy, Healthy & Fit" through Trafford Publishing. It is available at and His latest articles are available on and prior published work can be viewed on

Awards and Affiliations

ACE Health Coach Certification (1995)

ACE  Personal Trainer Certification (1993)

Master Trainer - IDEA Health & Fitness Association (2001)

American Council on Exercise

International Health & Fitness Association (IDEA)

Causes and Organizations

Children and the obesity crisis

Lifestyle and the sedentary society

Aging in America

The quest for inner peace

nicholas prukop

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