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Diva Day

In celebration and support of Divine Inspiring Vibrant & Amazing Women Everywhere!

Please meet our WUVIPs (Wellness Universe Very Inspiring People) and see
what they will be offering!

Allow us to introduce you to your beauty and wellness experience providers!

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Di Riseborough
Talk: The Transforming Power of Forgiveness & Gratitude During Tough Times

Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Di teaches people how to use the “F-word” more effectively in their lives-learn to Face Unresolved Unconscious Fears and discover how to Forgive themselves and others. As a Spiritual Psychotherapist she uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients to develop self-awareness, reconnect to their inner spirit & gain clarity and emotional perspective by incorporating her Seven Keys of C.O.U.R.A.G.E., a 7-key acronym she uses to teach people how to live their best life.

Kimberly Bayne
Experience Provider

Reiki Healer. Winchester, VA
Schedule your 10 minute Reiki Healing or Chakra Reading session. Stop by Kim’s booth and schedule your appointment early!

Felicia Reed
Experience Provider

Life and Spiritual Coach as well as a Holistic Wellness Advocate
Every hour during the event starting at 10:30, I will offer a “Make A Blend Session“. The sessions will include essential oils blends for calming, hormonal balance, working out, grief/sadness/trauma, sleeping, spiritual grounding and possibly more.

Ellie Savoy
Experience Provider

Ellie is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of the #1 international bestselling book “Stop Dieting Start Living.” Ellie will show you the ease of making
5 – 10 minute recipes that you can sample.

Debra Snyder
Talk Title: INSIGHTFUL: Empowered Living for the Modern Muse

Deb Snyder is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and the award winning author of four books :Ignite CALM: Bliss at Work, Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart , The Dogma of Cats for Kids, The Dogma of Dogs for Kids

Beth Bracaglia
Talk Title: Empower Yourself By Simplifying Your Life

Beth is the Chief Organizing Officer of Simply Organized. Her team of Simplicity Architects work on organizing projects and coach clients to lead a more simplified life in the process, Beth is an author in Fearless Voices: True Stories by Courageous Women & Harmonic Voices: True Stories by Women on the Path to Peace.

Julie Reisler
Talk Title: Design Your Best Life With Passion, Purpose + Presence

Life Designer™ Julie Reisler, CEO of Empowered Living, LLC, is an inspirational speaker, certified coach, mindset expert and soon to be author of Get a Phd in YOU, a workbook to miraculous self-discovery. She will be speaking about how the heck to find your passion and purpose, with presence, to design your best life.

Debi Silber
Talk Title: What Every Empowered Woman Needs To Know

Debi Silber MS, RD, WHC, FDN, CEO of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. and founder of www.DebiSilber.com is a recognized health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and personal development expert. She’s a speaker, consultant and author of 2 books. Leading others to achieve your ultimate body, mind, image and lifestyle.

Sharon Rosen
Experience Provider

Sharon is a Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, Mindful Living Guide, and author of
Crazy World, Peaceful Heart
. She will lead small group Deep Body Relaxation meditations throughout the day starting at the top of each hour, and offer one-on-one Stress Resilience consults by appointment in between. Sign up early to get your spot!

Tracey Smith
Experience Provider

Tracey will provide three mini workshops that repeat througout the day. Please click her image for more details:
Accentuate the Positive – introduction to Reiki and Chakras.
Color My World – Fashion & Feel – Increase knowledge of the principles of color though fashion
Woman & Wellness – Paint, Sip & Savor – Assist in exploring how our creative energy helps us stress-less.

Cassie Hepler
Red Carpet Photographer

Getting your photograph on our Diva Day Red Carpet is the icing on the cake to feel like a Diva! Strike a pose and Cassie will capture your beauty and give you a remembrance of the day!

Stephanie Ignazio
Experience Provider

Stephanie, owner of Hello Beautiful Soul, illustrates fun and inspiring ‘doodles’ for all ages. Recently she has published and adult coloring book. Step into Stephnie’s area at Diva Day where you will have a fun time coloring adult coloring book art on large format prints! When was the last time you colored?

Beth Allen
Talk Title: Flush Your Fear

Beth Allen is the founder of HIP Chicks (Home Improvement Project Chicks). She is a funny, sassy, tenacious chick on a mission to empower women to be Smart, Capable and Confident as homeowners and beyond. Her trademark is “Teaching Women How to Screw…and Hammer too!”

Terri Levine
Talk Title: Breaking Free from the Ordinary To Be EXTRAordinary: YES, You Can Create The Life And Business You Dream Of!

“In this talk, I share how to discover the chains that have binding you from living your best life and being your best self and then I share techniques to break the chains that have been holding you back from your dreams.”

Justine Freeman
Official Diva Day Makeover Design Team Leader

Getting you make-up ready for your walk on the Diva Day red carpet and photo are Justine and her team of professional make-up artists.

Elizabeth Kipp
Experience Provider

Join Elizabeth as she hosts workshops throughout the day to experience the benefits of EFT/Tapping. E(motional)F(reedom)T(echnique) – Tapping: EFT/Tapping is an easy to use healing tool that provides the very foundation for expanding your emotional freedom and bringing more peace and ease into your life.

Quelling Fear and Phobias / No More Cravings
Removing Body Image Blocks – Loving the Skin You’re In
Blocks to Living an Abundant Life

Deb Scully
Experience Provider
Talk Title: Natural Solutions For Hormone Balance

Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC, NCC, DCMHS is a licensed professional and nationally-certified counselor. Attend her talk for a natual approach to balancing your hormones and enjoy life again! Be sure to stop by and see Deb and her team for a pampering hand massage as you learn about the healing properties of essential oil

Sherry Burton Ways
Talk Title: Creating a Home Sanctuary for Wellness & Relaxation

Sherry teaches us how to create a Home Sanctuary that nurtures, uplifts and heals us, that inspires and motivates, that gives us exactly what we need when we need it. This presentation will provide an overview or introduction to how elements in our environment can enhance and enrich our lives of and how we can create something extraordinary in our homes.

Patricia Young
Workshop: A More Confident You! From the Inside Out.

Patricia Young is a Purpose, Business & Money Coach, and Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. In her workshop, Patricia will guide us to ‘See the Beauty of Who You Really Are and Connect with Your Inner Joy’

Victoria Powell
Experience Provider

Victoria, certified in ReikiSound™, provides traditional Usui Reiki sessions for stress relief, well being and spiritual healing. Experience her tuning forks and singing bowls for vibrational healing. Combining hands on healing (reiki) with weighted tuning forks for the body and non-weighted tuning forks for the aura, Victoria will tune your body to its natural frequency leaving you feeling lighter and more peace filled.

Ilona Berkoben
Experience Provider

Visit Ilona to participate in her interactive empowerment workshops.
Experience: Self-Esteem Pyramid, Self-Esteem Grid and Self-Esteem checklist workshops she will repeat during the day. A wonderful experience, leave with increased self-worth and self-compassion.

Cori Savenelli
Experience Provider

Tap into your divine guidance with Cori! Learn how to use your intuition. Cori will facilitate mini workshops in her booth to inspre you to use your innate feminine intuition. Be empowered and build your extrasensory perception.



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