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Cassie Hepler

Beauty and brains can coexist!

Cassie Hepler, a Pennsylvania State University graduate with a Journalism degree and English minor, has been writing since second grade.

Beginning with photography, writing and page design in her high school newspaper, she has progressed to working at some of the most established East Coast newspapers in Pennsylvania including The Times Herald, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, The Philadelphia Tribune and The Philadelphia Public Record.

Continuing her love of photography led into modeling, which started in college and progressed into a side job with multiple publications including Retro Lovely Magazine, Delicious Dolls, Skorch magazine and Emily Sky in New York City as well as indie movies including Diaries, Suicide and Bloodrunners. Being immersed in the beauty of photos and film since 2001 led her to become one of Philadelphia’s most talented and well-known female models and photographers.

From photojournalism to cutting edge high fashion and beauty photography, Cassie continues to build an impressive portfolio at competitive prices. Her mantra is that art should be accessible to everyone, no matter the budget involved. She is also the make-up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist and Photoshop retouching artist for almost all of her work.

Cassie loves working outside among nature or abandoned buildings and locations as well as professional studios in the colder months. Cassie’s work is considered raw, personal, creative and passionate. Many people desire to work with her because of her attention to detail, fun attitude and laid-back personality, not to mention her strong business ethics that makes her the perfect photographer, writer, model or actress for your investment.

Not only that, but she now has two online magazines under her belt as publisher with a staff of 13 multimedia journalists, and With her established connections in the East Coast area, Cassie is Philly's "It" girl and good lady to know!

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Project Sunshine Chapter leader for 7 years

Cassie Hepler

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