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I am the Chief Organizing Officer of Simply Organized.  I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management and Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Clemson University and have studied Organizational Development at Johns Hopkins University.  I'm a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  I have over twenty five years of experience in fields as diverse as retail management, technology, recruiting, training and development, restaurant project management, social  media strategy & business consulting.
Simply Organized is the organization specialist and inspirational thought leader behind The New Simplicity - a perspective and path for incresing effectivenss within an increasingly complex world.  As the company that's defining and forwarding The New Simplicity, Simply Organized's team helps companies, executives and individuals organize their spaces, processes, systems , behaviors and lives in ways that result not only in greater order, but in increased Clarity, Choice, Connection and Calm.
By working on an organizing project and coaching clients to lead a more simple life in the process, I help my clients to find more time to truly do what they want and get their lives back in the process.
In addition to Simply Organized, I am also the creator of Beth Bracaglia's Simply Inspired - where the mission is to "Inspire ~ Motivate ~ Simplify" through sharing quotes, pictures, videos and many of the things in life that truly inspire.  You can find me there daily at
I'm also a published author in two books:  Fearless Voices: True Stories by Courageous Women  and Harmonic Voices: True Stories by Women on the Path to Peace.  
To reach me at work, please visit the Simply Organized website at or via email at

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