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Ilona Berkoben

Inspiring Change For Radiant Health

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
Hi, I am Ilona an MD turned into Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.
Men and women hire me to help them achieve optimal health. As a health coach, I specialize in GUT HEALTH. The way I help my clients is through a simple #STEP SYSTEM, where we use the healing power of food, herbs, and supplements with a shift in the mindset.
Steps; 1. Healing and repairing the gut lining
2. Replenishing and balancing the microbiome (beneficial bacteria) 3. Transforming the mindset
So if you struggle with: 1. Heartburn 2. Bloating 3. Difficulty losing weight 4. Diarrhea/constipation 5. Autoimmunity (RA, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, 6. Low energy
7. Skin condition (Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne)

Awards and Affiliations

Diploma from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine

Certifications: Holistic MBA and The Transformational Coaching Method Mastery

Causes and Organizations

Toastmasters International

Empower Nepali Girls (ENG), where we support underprivileged girls in Nepal, by providing them an accessible education.

Ilona Berkoben

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