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Di Riseborough is a Intuitive Life Strategist who combines Spiritual Psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Energy Psychology to assist you in making positive changes and better choices. As an ‘F-Word’ (Fear & Forgiveness) Specialist featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, she helps you become consciously aware of what fears are driving your decisions and acts as an emotional compass helping you navigate life’s challenges. As a Spiritual Psychotherapist she uses her intuitive abilities to assist her clients to develop self-awareness, reconnect to their inner spirit & gain clarity and emotional perspective by incorporating her Seven Keys of C.O.U.R.A.G.E., a 7-key acronym she uses to teach people how to live their best life, leaving people feeling more confident, empowered with a deeper sense of self-worth

Di is the author of the #1 Bestseller Forgiveness: How to Let Go When It Still Hurts, where she shows readers how the impact of forgiving can change your life. Through her powerful story of overcoming a number of life’s challenges and ultimately facing the man who murdered her Grandmother, she shows the reader how to turn your experiences into an action plan, face your fears & reclaim your personal power.
Using her Intuitive empathic Gifts, Di, helps you to uncover, understand and, thus, let go of outmoded, unhelpful thought-patterns caused by conserving sadness, anger and bitterness. By teaching you how to turn negative emotions into positive motivators that enable you to reclaim your power, Di provides the tools needed to move out of that “uncomfortable comfort zone” and continue on your way to improved interpersonal relationships and increased productivity.
As a Provocative Motivational Speaker,  on the subject of forgiveness, fear and courage, she addresses challenging issues with an edgy, entertaining and informative presentation style. Di packs her presentations with how-to’s, humor and inspiration where she stresses the importance of living our lives in the present, finishing off with a message of C.O.U.R.A.G.E.
C ommit to forgiving and facing your fears
O pen to different perspectives and positive possibilities
U se your mistakes to learn, empathize and grow
R elease the control the offending person or situation has over your life and reclaim your power
A cknowledge and deal with your feelings to initiate transformational change
G ratitude is the attitude that propels you forward – be grateful for lessons learned
E mpower Yourself - turn fear into a motivator and forgiveness becomes your ticket to freedom

As Psychotherapy is not limited to times of difficulty or stress, it can also be a very valuable tool for personal growth and development. Her unique approach can help you to feel better about yourself, to understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses better, and to work towards greater self-fulfillment, mastery and reduce anxiety. Issues she works with:

Anger Management                                Grief & Loss
Stress Management                                Life Transitions
Behavioural Issues                                  Sexual/Emotional/Physical abuse
Co-dependency                                        Self-esteem
Coping Skills                                              Divorce
Depression                                                 Spirituality
Emotional Disturbance                          Trauma and PTSD
Family Conflict

Di has devoted many years to helping others reconnect to their true selves & find their own personal path to success and happiness. She encourages & empowers many of her clients to live their highest and best life. From her programs, workshops, events and one on one sessions, she has helped many uncover their true life purpose; become self aware of how they relate in the world and the choices they make; create more happiness by letting go of fear; move to a place of inner peace by re-discovering who they are and taking action to create the life they want.
In addition to my business and practice as a Spiritual Psychotherapist & Life Coach, I am also the creator of Di Riseborough Intuitive Life Strategist - where the mission is to "Inspire ~ Motivate ~ Empower ~ Heal " through sharing quotes, teachings, videos and many of the things in life that truly inspire and offer healing.
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