Manifest Your Dreams 2022

The Wellness Universe healers, guides, and energy workers gather to send love, light and positive energy to help you manifest your dreams each week!

We are here and ready to send you positive energy for your dreams to manifest. We have taken our most popular room on Clubhouse, Voice Your Intention Collective Consciousness!

Sunday, 1/9/22 we held a 4-hour event to set yourself up for success powered by love and light from Wellness Universe members: Manifest Your Dreams 2022! Thank you for joining us if you came.

We are in the process of setting up a community of master manifestors and high vibe people! Please see the below to register.

Join our club Feeling Good!

Mondays at 7pm we come together in the Voice Your Intention Collective Consciousness room.

Join the club and set your notifications to join us.

Here are your Wellness Universe World-Changer moderators who lead this room and hold space for you on Monday nights in the original Voice Your Intention Collective Consciousness room in the Feeling Good! club:

Nicole Batiste

Lead Moderator
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
HeartMath (TM) Certified Professional
Draw Your Future (TM) Certified
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Anna Pereira

CEO & Head Goddess of The Wellness Universe
Best Selling Author
Event Producer
Advocate, Mentor, and Visionary

Jennifer Moore

Energy Healer and Intuitive Mentor
Accredited Certified EFT Trainer
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Best-Selling Author

Sharon Randall

Fibromyalgia, Grief and Prayer Warrior
Non-Profit Foundation
Champion for the Healing Power From Within
Reiki Master Teacher

Jennifer Tolo

Energy Healer and Integrative Health Coach
American Holistic Nurses Association
National Drugless Practitioner Association
American Council On Exercise Personal Trainer
National Institute for Whole Health
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Judithann Walz

Psychic Medium
Healer and Reiki Master Teacher
Writing Coach
Best-Selling Author

Debbie Prediger

Mindset Coach
Empowerment Leader
Licensed Practical Nurse
Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Guide
Best-Selling Author

Join us by filling out this form. You will receive an invitation via email when doors open.

Register by 1/30/22 to be a Founding Member.