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Nicole Batiste

It's best to start with the foundation - mindset - and build from there

Nicole started her coaching career in 2007 around the time she discovered "life doesn't have to happen to me" as she put it. It seems an innocent revelation; however, that small realization created movement. It also opened her eyes to others who are suffering in silence. "I look at people's faces and feel their frustration." It seems that more feel trapped in the life they've "chosen" and thus they are merely existing. Wanting to do more to help others, she obtained her Holistic Health Coach Certification through The Institue for Integrative Nutrition in 2012. At the time, her focus was weight management; however, she noticed a missing link to achieving weight loss goals. And it became apparent that this link had an impact on all goals. That link is one's mindset.

This shift in focus has led her toward restoration of spirit as a baseline to achieving any goal.

"I want you to know your worth and share your passion/calling with the world for you are a gift."

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AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

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Out of the Darkness ( - Suicide...while I've not been close to anyone who has taken that route to end the pain, I've been in units and learned of cadre and the commander taking their own lives. And whether I know the person or not, my heart hurts as though…

Nicole Batiste

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