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Join me Friday, November 10, 11 PST / 2 EST. Live on Facebook at the Wellness Universe! We're talking how to tap our natural intuitive and healing abilities.

Plus I'm offering:

  • a gift for subscribing to my newsletter, which offers news and specials
  • one free session (valued at $145) for someone who wins the drawing on the live broadcast: an hour of intuitive personal or business intuition, or animal communication, or mediumship, or soul progression clearing
  • For everyone: A $45 discount on all 1 hour sessions booked and paid by December 31! (sessions $100, regularly $145)

I am the Practical Intuitive!

Come get intuitive and spiritual insight into your life and work!

We are all intuitives and healers: we just need to learn how to tap our innate abilities.

I can help you claim your power to be your best self to find your soul purpose.
I can also assist decision-making by offering skilled intuitive and spiritual insight into your issues.

My intuitive services include:

·       Personal intuition: personal and family issues
·       Business intuition: job and career growth, corporate and entrepreneurial insight
·       Animal communication: family harmony, lost animals, dying and deceased animals
·       Mediumship: connection to deceased animals and people
·       Space clearing: energetically clearing home and business spaces, from the paranormal to real estate buy/sell, remodels, moves

My spiritual services include:

·       Past life regression and between life regression: through intuition, shamanic insight, and hypnotherapy. Eliminates blockages, fears, phobias, traumas, and taps skills and abilities from past lives
·       Spiritual awakening and spiritual journeys: to dig deep into spiritual purpose
·       Soul retrieval
·       Energy healing: Reiki and other healing modalities
·       Creating and maintaining healthy energy boundaries

I also offer:
·       Mentoring: to help you develop the skills to manage your energy boundaries and fight fatigue and burnout to working as a professional intuitive
·        Webinars, Workshops, and Talks

A tested and certified intuitive and spiritual consultant and past life regression specialist, I services worldwide from my home base in Seattle, Washington. I combine over 30 years of creative business experience with practical, intuitive insight to help you get an edge in your life.
I have worked as an intuitive for over 10 years. An award-winning author, I have published three books on the human-animal bond and am hard at work on other books. I blog about intuition and culture at Bridging the Paradigms and at The Wellness Universe and OM Times Magazine.

With a long history in publishing and developmental editing, I have also helped others develop and publish their own books.

An OM Times Expert, I host the radio show, The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World, Mondays at 2 PST at OM

Find my services, products, and blog at Robyn Fritz.

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