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Intuitive Soul Connections: that’s what our lives are all about. Always.

I can help you with the soul connections important to your life. That includes:

Past life and between life regression: to eliminate blockages and claim your unique soul purpose, to tap skills and knowledge from previous lives, to resolve fears and phobias that are holding you back, to boost your life by discovering how amazing your soul is

Spiritual journeys: to meet your spiritual team, understand your life purpose, grow your soul

Personal and business intuitive consultations: to obtain insight on life’s issues

Animal communication: to deepen the human-animal bond, understand your animal companions, assist in dying and transition, and find lost animals

Mediumship: to connect with your deceased family and friends, including animals

Space clearing: to clear homes, businesses, and land (including paranormal), including creating partnerships with your space, to mesh their needs and wants with yours

I offer intuitive and spiritual consulting worldwide from my home base in Seattle, Washington. I’m a certified hypnotherapist with specialties in past life regression, between life regression, and spiritual awakening. I’m also a professional intuitive—a medium, space clearing expert, animal communicator, personal and business intuitive consultant, workshop leader, and inspirational speaker. I combine over 30 years of creative business experience with practical, intuitive insight to help you get an edge in your life.

I have worked as an intuitive for over 10 years. An award-winning author, I have published two books on the human-animal bond and am hard at work on other books. I blog about intuition and culture at Bridging the Paradigms and at Wellness Universe and I’m a guest blogger atNaturalPath, a leading resource on naturopathic and alternative wellness.

With a long history in publishing and developmental editing, I have also helped others develop and publish their own books.

I teach workshops and give talks on using intuition and identifying our life path around the Northwest and have been a radio show guest and host. Find my services, products, and blog at Robyn Fritz.

My first book, Bridging Species: Thoughts and Tales About Our Lives with Dogs, is a collection of essays and comic stories about creating families with dogs (and a wily cat). It won the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award for the book that best exemplifies the bond between humans and dogs. It’s an ideal gift for animal lovers, mystical and cultural thinkers—anyone who enjoys provocative thinking and fun stories about animals.

Contact me for an autographed print copy, or buy as an e-book, only $4.99! from or

My second book, My Dog Is Dying: The Real Life Crappy Choice Diary, is a collection of blog articles about the loss of my beloved Cavalier, Murphy. It’s the raw, uncensored, loving, practical, intuitive, mystical journey through grief and death—and out the other side. If we’re lucky we get to love an animal: we’re luckier still to find the courage and grace to say goodbye.

Available only as an e-book: from or

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