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Robyn M Fritz

Intuitive / Spiritual Consulting and Past Life Regression

I am the Practical Intuitive, offering intuitive and spiritual insight and healing into your life and work!

My intuitive services include:

·       Personal intuition: personal and family issues
·       Business intuition: job and career growth, corporate and entrepreneurial insight
·       Animal communication: family harmony, lost animals, dying and deceased animals
·       Mediumship: connection to deceased animals and people
·       Space clearing: energetically clearing homes, businesses, and land to support new direction

My spiritual services include:

·       Past life regression and between life regression: through intuition, shamanic insight, and hypnotherapy.
·       Spiritual awakening and spiritual journeys: to dig deep into spiritual purpose
·       Soul retrieval
·       Energy healing: Reiki and other healing modalities

I also offer:
·       Mentoring: to help you be your best at home and at work, or to develop professional intuitive and healing skills
·        Webinars, Workshops, and Talks

A tested and certified intuitive and spiritual consultant and past life regression specialist, I work worldwide from my home base in Seattle, Washington. I combine over 30 years of creative business experience with practical, intuitive insight to help you get an edge in your life.

An award-winning author, I have published three books on the human-animal bond and am soon publishing The Afterlife Is a Party: What People and Animals Teach Us About Love, Reincarnation, and the Other Side.

I host Practical Intuitive: Body Mind and Spirit for the Real World at 2 PST the first and third Mondays at OM

Find my services, products, and blog at Robyn Fritz.

Robyn M Fritz

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