• Anna Pereira posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    Today we are LIVE with the new site WU World-Changers!! Thank YOU for all you do and you inspire us to chisel out this space on the internet for conscious business owners, inspirational folks and supporters of a better world!! We along with @briansurowiec and his team have poured countless hours and $ into making this the best we can. We hope you enjoy it and everything that comes with being a part of our community. As our veteran members can attest to, we are a family and much more than ‘strangers online’. We have a respect for each other and know relationships and real change starts with us. Beyond ‘sharing’ posters on Facebook, WUVIPs are changing the world and The Wellness Universe is where as a collective we can serve the world to total well-being. THANK YOU from the depths of our souls for all of your blessed support and especially to our team @kimberlybayne @ashleybrewer @jennifertasker @heatherdurling @heathercorinnelang @jennifermaki & Brian and let’s not forget @robertclancy who’s team built our last version. May you all be blessed and may WU aid in your flight helping you to soar to heights you never dreamed! With all of my love ~ Anna