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Nicole Levac

Nature for your Soul

Nicole and nature have pretty much been one all her life. She was born and raised in a rural area in the Canadian countryside. Even her career path required working in a natural environment as she pursued professional activities as a woodcutter, a ranch guide, and an environmental program developer for an international hotel chain. Always making choices that were different than the conventional path, enjoying living as a rebel against societal demands yet caught in a web of personal expectations, nature her only solace.

When she became a mom to twin daughters in her mid-30’s Nicole still had the impression she was meant for more. Struggling with her own self-worth, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery through various courses of study where she learned to process what she was uncovering about herself and who she was all while walking in nature.

As her daughters went from being babies to toddlers, she came face to face with what she was bringing into their lives. Abuse. A secondary part of her life path. Being well acquainted with the lifelong effects this could have on her daughters she decided to change the pattern that lived inside of her so her daughters would not live with those same scars.

She was ready to do this deep work so they would know her for who she was not only a mother but a woman and a person.

Nicole knew the shell of who she was but grew restless not understanding the essence of herself. The adventure to self-discovery pulled her away from society and pushed her to spend time walking and meditating on trails.

Nature became her mentor, teacher, and best friend as she journeyed from defining herself by how others told her she should be to finally seeing, knowing, and understanding her true self.

During her travels to self-discovery, she separated from an abusive relationship, reconnected with her high school sweetheart, accompanied her dad up to his last breath, went through a foreclosure, moved back into…

Nicole Levac

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