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Acknowledging and expressing our emotional state in a healthy, productive manner despite our challenges, disappointments and frustration is the heart of emotional wellness. The ability to understand and accept our feelings and limitations. The ability to deal with change, cope with stress, challenge, and fear – as well as love, joy, and harmony – in an appropriate and healthy way.

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Bamboo Ilana

Comprehensive, whole body, whole being for healing long standing, chronic pain form old injuries, surgeries & traumas.
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Susan Lataille

Certified Master Grief Coach Susan Lataille specializes in helping women navigate the healing process through the power of writing. Offering Individual, Group, and Author Programs, Susan provides a nurturing space for transformation and growth.
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Carol Pilkington

Carol Pilkington show Executives and Business Owners how to breakthrough the stigma of shame and guilt of feeling inner despair, anxiety, depression and meaninglessness.
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Kamini Wood

Life Coach | Relationship Coach | Leadership Coach | Helping people overcome stress, anxiety and heartbreak



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