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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featured #WUVIP & #WUWorldChanger

    ~ @TerriLynnMurphy

    A little bit more about Terri….

    First, I think of myself as a mom. I am most proud of being the mother of two wonderful sons. I love and enjoy our family day gatherings throughout the year. I am so happy to be alive today and to be living such a fantastic life.

    My family and friends are among my biggest blessings. I was raised in a family that understood the meaning of love. Being the youngest of five girls I had many, fantastic role models. I am so grateful for the strong roots of my childhood.

    For almost twenty years I worked as a Sales Manager/General Sales Manager in a few different stores, mostly BMW centers. Today I am a recruiter and sales trainer for MMCO Auto and I hire and train the sales staff for three Audi centers, a Porsche center, a Volkswagen center and three used car warehouses in the Philadelphia area, and I love my job!

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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featur