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The Wellness Marketing Tribe with Rachel Frederick

Take the confusion out of your marketing with this 12-month program. Build a customized, automated plan that works without adding hours to your day or dollars to your budget – guaranteed!

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Become a Best Selling Author Introductory Class with Lisa Mininni

Put your thoughts together in a book that sells.This is a perfect class for those who have always thought about writing a book but need the accountability to make their idea into a reality. 90-minute online class.

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Release Your Stress Session Introductory Special $25/25 minutes with Elizabeth Kipp

Does the stress and strain of day-to-day pull you into chronic pain? You don’t have to suffer. Our bodies have great healing power simply waiting to be used… Unleash your own healing power in a session with Elizabeth.

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Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Drinking Straws by Daedra Surowiec

Safe, Fun, and Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Drinking Straws . We offer fun, safe, and reusable glass drinking straws to people of all ages – making it easy to go green!  Our straws are all hand-made in our workshop in Michigan and we take pride and care to offer the best products and service possible.

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The Magic Mirror CD by Amy Camie

The Magic Mirror” solo harp CD by harpist, Amy Camie, calms the mind, relaxes the body, relieves pain, stress and anxiety and gently touches the soul. Pilot study research has shown that listening to this 23 min. CD supports the immune system and has a direct positive impact on brainwaves disrupted by stress and trauma.…

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