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Eileen Pelletier

Sleepy Kneez® Pillow : Total comfort for people who sleep on their side

After years of interrupted sleep, and its associated back pain, I developed a knee pillow. Lower back pain? Sore knees? Most side sleepers already know that they need a pillow between their knees to align their hips & cushion their knees, so they use a regular pillow. It's too big, makes it difficult to turn over, and can impact the knee cap in a negative way. Sleepy Kneez® has been designed to be exactly what they require, and nothing more. Small yet firm, it attaches to the leg. It does not flop around, does not disappear during the night when you move, and does not touch your knee cap. It does all that you hope your pillow would do, but better, because we have eliminated the excess, that adds nothing to keep your spine in a neutral position, nor is it necessary to cushioning your knees. So comfortable, you barely notice it's there.


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Recognized by The Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Eileen Pelletier

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