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Susan Eckert is a Success Coach for spiritual professional and entrepreneurial women feeling an inner calling to step into Soul Purpose. She is Founder of The Transformation Space™ in NY and her innovative rapid transformation H.E.R. Method enables women to feel validated, empowered, and inspired throughout their journey of self-discovery so they can achieve greater self-acceptance, self-love, and success (which she considers self-actualization).

Susan Eckert is a featured author for the Wellness Universe Guide to Self-Care: 25 Tools to Achieve Anything: Chapter 16 – Rocket Fuel for Your Dreams: Harness the Power of VISION™. You can access the accompanying free downloadable workbook and 1-sheet cheat sheet here.

Join her FB community for spiritual women rising into SoulPurpose Lotus Woman Rising

Awards and Affiliations

National Guild of Hypnotists

Professional Photographers of America (Transformation through the camera)

Causes and Organizations

National Guild of Hypnotists

Certifications and Credentials

*Master's degree: Columbia University; Psychology

*Certified Coach

*Certified Consulting Hypnotist (by a NYState Licensed Accredited School)

*Advanced Reiki Practitioner

*Other certifications include: Angelic Guide; Therapeutic Journaling Techniques; EFT; Level 2 Angelic Reiki; Instant Miracle Mastery; Peace Process

Susan Eckert

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