Being in loving relationships with animals is one key to authentic and healthy connections.

When we think about our relationships, some tend to overlook their relationships with themselves, with money, with health, and with animals. They focus solely on relationships with other human beings.

Others acknowledge that they have relationships with animals yet struggle with the concept of authentic and healthy connections as it relates to their pets or other animals.

The truth is that animals provide a wonderful resource for us. They enable us to truly be, as this is what they do. They show us much about our energy by their responses to being in our presence. And they model love, pure and simple, and the joy of life.

When we are present for and intentional about our relationships with our animal friends, we gain clarity about our energy, our patterns, and our potential. And we are empowered to learn about the magic and power of non-verbal loving connections with another soul.

Being in loving relationships with animals is one key to authentic and healthy connections. It is one of the 12 Keys being covered in the upcoming “12 Keys to Connections” course.

The course begins tomorrow and is being offered at a special Beta price. You can see all the details and register HERE.

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