How To Speed Up Success With Divine Timing

Time Management 4.0

It was at the age of three that I smashed through the front door window. Placed in our home’s hallway to play drums on my pots and pans, I found that the sound of the glass was quite suiting within my beats’ composition. The door wasn’t made for this though, so the smashed glass became a first metaphor of how timing and precise composition could be done better.

I was banned to the attic, with new instruments and a better set-up for resounding rhythms. Many years and lessons later I’ve played in orchestras, bands and percussion groups. I smashed sticks and skins and cymbals. And many shows were applauded thanks to the great performance of all involved. This is the second metaphor – co-creative elements for harmonic success.

For a while I wasn’t able to play music. Movement and studies had shifted some perspectives. I was in a country abroad and only wished that I had brought my drums along. The rhythms inside me changed. My daily schedule was a mere reflection of that. And my calendar got filled with consciously creating different modalities in which my music could be played. And so I wrote more poems and articles and even complete books in rhyme, on reason. This renewed search for the expression of truth can now be taken as the third metaphor – time as rhythms of change.

The circle became round again when I endeavored on a new time-line. I noticed that in the here and now all is perfectly fine, in that single one moment of a standstill from which everything is born. Then forlorn are the memories from the past and the fantasies of the future. It is the blank slate instead on which whatever magnificent composition can be written. So to smitten new thoughts, ideas and words, yes, also notes and beats and melodies, even businesses, causes and foundations – those are the things that bring new revelations on how to proceed in new cosmic symphonies.

With divine timing we can then speed up success. For this is the fourth metaphor – to function as (y)our own time manager(s). And it’s not solely about planning, scheduling and re-strategizing an approach. It’s first and foremost about mastery of the self with the help from the four metaphors.

  1. Smash your glass-ceiling and get out of the glaze cage. Compose something new and re-design your life in new timing, yes allow yourself to simply engage. Engage with the world, the people and the rhythms of change.
  2. Address co-creative elements for harmonic success. Seek help and advice and learn from guides on the sides. Play with partners and enjoy the practice of progress. Progress into the desired future now.
  3. Process the rhythms of change. By observing our times and studying histories and futuristic designs, the origination of the desired destiny will begin to flow in the present.
  4. Then rinse and repeat this magnificent moment of here and now. Re-learn the what’s, why’s and how’s of what it is you want to be, do and have. Go forth and complete the circles of time. For these four metaphors are also yours now to refine. Refine them with the help and support that is all around. Let your ideas flourish, yes, let your magnificence be abound!

If you want more support on your path and getting guidance with this metaphorical time-management implementation Click Here.

With Peace, Love and Blessings,

Maurits van Sambeek


P.S.: This article talks about how to speed up success with divine timing, by using four metaphors for time management. Implement them in your daily life. Practice them continuously and thrive! And if you’d like some extra support and guidance along then go ahead and Click Here. On that page you’ll read more on how to use an enhanced thought leader mindset for greater benevolence.

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