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Maurits van Sambeek

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Helping leaders move humankind into a global culture of actual reciprocal philanthropy.

After I obtained my masters degree in Metaphysics in 2010, I pursued a PhD in ancient philosophy. This led me to the mystical insight that timeless wisdom is much needed in different designs for our turmoiled times today. And so I explored the varieties of Thought Leadership – Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Facilitator.
From my already early on and deep-felt desire to become a Wisdom Teacher, and from the varieties of transformational Thought Leadership, I’ve now learned how to become a Mentor in Metaphysics, a guide on the side, a support entity to awaken Sage Thought Leadership in those who are at the cusp of our global rising in consciousness.

Awards and Affiliations

So today I’m led by the following points…

* Trust, Truth, and The Wisdom of Freedom Consciousness.
* Oneness, Source Expression, and Awakened Intuition.
* All-ness, All That Is, Encompassing Love, and Infinite Bliss.
* Allowance of Divine Timing, Immersion in The I AM THAT I AM, and Channeled Rhyming.
* Co-Creation, Transcendent Understanding, and Physical Manifestation.
* Transformation, Stillness, Peace, Love and Joy in Perfection and Destined Divination.

Causes and Organizations

We can work together on bringing in the desired future now. With a shortening of creative timelines and a deeper understanding of what it is that destiny defines, timeless wisdom will lead our thoughts to magnificent manifestations in the here and now.

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With peace, love and blessings,
Maurits van Sambeek, MA

Certifications and Credentials

Master's Degree in Philosophy from Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Certifications for pre-PhD research from the Universities of Heidelberg, Göttingen and München, Germany.

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Maurits van Sambeek

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