A Life Well-Lived

Isn’t that the dream most of us have? I know from the time I was a little girl, enjoying my life and living it to the upmost joy I could muster, meant everything to me. It still does. 

Sometimes, I look back at her and wonder if she was naive (hate that word) in some ways. While I had the really difficult lesson learned early on that things and people don’t always show up as I was told they would, I also had the beautiful lesson learned early on that that things and people don’t always show up as I was told they would. 

That helped me learn to show up for myself. That guided me to be there for myself from early on. To find ways to love myself, support myself and be compassionate towards myself. Did I succeed at it? Sometimes. Other times, not so much. But what I did succeed at was knowing that I had this rock-solid foundation underneath me that KNEW that I would NEVER EVER let myself stay down. I learned that no matter how many times I walked to the cliff’s edge, I would always talk myself down.

I was and always am here for me. 

I am shedding tears right now because whoa, what a beautiful and amazing gift that is! What an amazing gift it is to feel supported, safe and rock-solid. How unbelievably beautiful is that to know that know matter what, no matter how hard things get and how many times I want to just throw in the towel, I will never give up on myself and will always be there to cheer me on.

That’s what you learn when you people and situations don’t show up for you. That’s what you learn when you want to live a life well-lived. You figure out to to do it and you know that at the end of it, the experiences that you’ve had and the choices you’ve made, you did the best you could and you showed up for yourself consistently every single time.

Now, that is a life well-lived and well-loved. 

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