DearJames® Daily – The Power of Fate

It stands to reason that all of one’s life experiences, and thus their fate, is shaped by their character.

What bold expression of fate lies at the center of your character?

Is it one of empathy, trust, joy, compassion and goodness? Or is its reflection more dubious, sinister, accidental, and unflattering in nature?

Life choices matter. They ripple beyond the borders of the perceived “known,” to the distant shores of the Unknown.

Each compounding the other in an endless creation of Self-Expression; Fate.

What effect has your life’s ripples had upon yourself and the greater whole of humanity?

“Your Character Is Your Fate”…Proceed Accordingly.

Wrap Yourself In Goodness®

Quote by: Kimberly Nelson

Photo Credit: Mario7/©

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    1. DearJames Post author

      Indeed they do @annapereira. And thus a great example of the positivity of ones ripples reaching out unto the unknown. How many people have you positively affected by the creation of WU…so many, you can’t begin to count them all. Positive Ripple Indeed! 🙂