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DearJames®️ Daily | EQUALITY

June 5, 2020

“You Need Not Fear Equality, Only The Effects of Its Absence” A Universal Truth Poignant Timely Timeless Imperative Thought-Provoking Reflective Simple EQUALITY! ASK DearJames® a Question: The Question Is FREE. The Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice…Divine Wrap Yourself In Goodness® Photo Credit: mashe/© By posting on the DearJames® The Wellness Universe page, you are…

DearJames® Monthly – Between Two Worlds – June 2020

May 30, 2020

Enjoy This Inspired Monthly Message & Other Inspirational Offerings…/dearjames-june2020-betweentwoworlds ASK DearJames® A Question: The Question Is FREE. The Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice…Divine INSPIRED TO SHARE THIS POST…PLEASE DO 🐣 Photo Credit: CARACOLLA/© By posting on the DearJames® The Wellness Universe page, you are implicitly posting as if “public.” All Post Comments, Questions,…

DearJames® – Testimonial

March 10, 2020

DearJames In an era where so many purport to offer “life” advice to an ever increasing audience hungry to find their way, it is gratifying to discover that individual, who is truly authentic and gifted. You are such a person and the insights I reaped from the sessions with you will be cherished and reflected…

DearJames® Daily – BE FEARLESS!

February 28, 2020

BE FEARLESS In How You Live Your Life! BE FEARLESS In Facing Your Fears! BE FEARLESS In Accepting Responsibility – Accountability! BE FEARLESS In Making Life Choices! BE FEARLESS In Forgiving Yourself & Others! BE FEARLESS In Leading with Your Soul! BE FEARLESS In Setting Boundaries! BE FEARLESS In Trying New Things – Meeting New…

DearJames® Daily – BE BOLD

January 17, 2020

BE BOLD by Breaking the Chains That Bind You. BE BOLD by Living the Life of Your Dreams. BE BOLD by Treating Others As You Wish To Be Treated. BE BOLD by Taking Chances. BE BOLD by Sharing Your Voice – Your Vision. BE BOLD by Loving Yourself and Others Equally. BE BOLD By Rising…

Follow – Like – Share – Subscribe

July 2, 2019

FOLLOW – LIKE – SUBSCRIBE – SHARE Life is a series of shared experiences. It is our intention here at DearJames® to Inspire, Encourage, Enlighten & Empower. To send multiple ripples of positive energy as far and wide around the globe as possible. So, to that end, if you are so inspired, we humbly invite…


July 2, 2019

WIN – A COMPLIMENTARY INTUITIVE CONSULTATION Enter to WIN a complimentary 20-Minute Intuitive Consultation with DearJames® by submitting a question at the link listed below. Entries must be submitted between July 1 – July 31, 2019 to be valid. One entry per person. Participants must be 18-years of age or older to participate. One winner…

Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice…To Your Life Questions

June 24, 2019

ASK DearJames® A QUESTION The Question is FREE. The Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice…Priceless SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION HERE Challenging life situations? Uncertain next move? Something holding you back? Overall life direction: Relationships, Love Life, Marriage, Career, Work, Family, Children, Sex, Health, Physical-Emotional Pain, Abuse, Money, Finances, Business, Missed Loved Ones, etc. When you seek greater…

DearJames® Advice – Out Of The Blue

June 8, 2018

Category: Break-Up , Dating , Marriage DearJames, A few years ago my daughter went through a terrible out of the blue break-up. I saw all the heartache she was going through. This was a relationship that started in high school and ended when she was 23 years old with no warning. She started dating in the…

DearJames® Advice – Will I 

June 5, 2018

Category: Love , Future , Child / Children / Grandchildren DearJames, Will I be set for life? Will I live near my grandchildren? Will I get well? I have chronic pain/anxiety/panic attacks. Will I be with my husband? My husband is a shaman; is there room for me in his life? Dear Will I Every question…


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