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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featured #WUVIP & #WUWorldChanger

    ~ @bonniechase

    A little bit more about Bonnie….

    Hi! I’m Bonnie. I’m a Goddess Business & Life Strategist, Holistic RN, Foodie + Wine Enthusiast. I’m a Goddess who knows that red pumps and lip gloss aren’t the only ways to be feminine. I’m a Healthy Goddess who still splurges on foods I love and I enjoy a green juice as much as I do a glass of white wine.

    It’s my passion to empower women create an Inspired Goddess Lifestyle that nourishes her body, stimulates her mind and fills her Soul. I help spiritual women, healers and light workers end the struggle to share their message and gifts in the world.

    To read more and connect with Bonnie, please visit: https://goo.gl/H2vBYJ

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    WU World-Changers are making the world a better place! Let’s introduce you to today’s featur