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Terry Wildemann

Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader

Do you imagine yourself as an unstoppable, high performing, resilient, intuitive leader who uses your intuition and inner business wisdom, along with your great emotional intelligence, to build a successful career or highly profitable business? If so, I can help you to achieve that dream.

Imagine springing back from the brink of burnout and evolving into a puzzle-solving ninja by integrating the practical, tactical, logical, physical, energetic, intuitive, spiritual & emotional sides of yourself! You quickly & easily identify workplace challenges & discover creative & innovative solutions saving time, energy & money by using streamlined & efficient systems. 

 Communication challenges shift, performance increases & a cohesive workplace culture evolves.

My story:
I'm a military spouse & mom who has over 30 years of business experience as a professional speaker, certified executive coach, facilitator and author. I also experienced multiple burnouts in the process of trying to do it all. It lead to an "Inward Journey" of study that changed my relationships, mindset, perceptions & "inner business game & wisdom." My work gained a new heart-centered component influencing my professional development, coaching & mastermind programs for leaders & small businesses resulting in success for myself & my clients. The burnouts, studying intuition & resilience were gifts of a lifetime!

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Available for virtual & live summits, association and business conferences and events.

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Bestselling Book:
"The Enchanted Boardroom; Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader"​

T: 401.849.5900
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Terry Wildemann

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