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    Suzanne Taylor-King posted an update
    LAVENDER Well known for its soothing, calming properties, lavender is wonderful for promoting natural healing time for burns, cuts, stings and other wounds. It’s jam-packed with antioxidant power, which is why researchers from Tunisia evaluated its ability to support healthy blood sugar levels and reduce oxidative stress. More on that study soon!! A Russian scientist Rene Gattefosse first discovered the beneficial properties that lavender oil possessed when he severely burned his arm in an accident. He immersed his hand in a vat of lavender essential oil and found that the oil aided in natural healing without any scarring! Lavender Oil Benefits • Relaxes body and reduces stress • Promotes natural healing of wounds and burns • Supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels • Promotes restful sleep • Promotes healthy skin and appearance • Supports hormone balance • Supports healthy blood sugar levels #taylordaromatherapy #trueinspirationwellness #mindbodysoul PS. Launched my very own Organic Essential Oils Company Today & had my first customer. So I had to share about the oil that started it all for me! Thanks Lavender! images

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