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Suzanne Taylor-King

Designing Healthy Lifestyles & Navigating Dis-Ease

"People are so busy it's hard for them to take the time for their own self-care without feeling selfish or guilty. My goal is to make it easy for people to prioritze their own health and well-being."     Suzanne

We’re here for the same reason. Because we believe in our potential to live a better life. Because we choose power over pain.Because we want to thrive, not merely exist.We know the value in drinking water, taking walks, finding quiet moments for ourselves. We know that personal growth starts with positive thinking. We are miracle-minded.We practice an attitude of gratitude. We recognize happiness is the gift we give ourselves. And we are all part of a great circle of wellness – where the healed become healers and the healers become healed. Where when you feel better, we feel better, and on, and on, and on.

Join me to navigate the waves of life with ease, grace & resilience.

Suzanne is trained and cerified in over 15 different area of health, wellness and positive psychology! Merging them all together to foster change in clients health & happiness.  Find out more about my training here!

Positive Psychology and living a growth mindset has changed the way I see wellness, chronic pain and dis-ease.....the community I created on Facebook and now celebrate with over 2000 members continures to grow and support the positive way of life, I would love to have other like-minded Wellness Universe Members join me on the mission to spread more happiness and connectedness in this world!  Join me in Powerfully Positive .

In her women's wellness group Mind, Body & Soul lives are changing with monthly challenges, recipes, workouts and motivation.

All you are looking for is already inside of you! I am just here to remind you of your potential and your greatness. I will give you my proven effective tools, strategies, clean eating plans, follow along workout videos, and the necessary mindset shift you need that allows the true YOU to come forward. You don't need to be perfect in any way, you don't even need to feel ready.…

Awards and Affiliations

BA Applied Science
Certified Wellness Coach
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach
Cerified Holistic Life Coach
Mind/Body Fitness Coach
CaPP Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology
Flourishing Skills Group Trainer
Level II Sports Nutrition @Precision Nutrition
NAHA Aromatherapist/Reiki Master/Reflexologist
Founder/Developer of Reikiromatation & Positivity Bootcamp
Meditation Program Graduate the Won Institute

Causes and Organizations

WEWBM  Women Empowering Women Business Mastermind

Powerfully Positive Mindset

Empowering Women's Wellness Mind, Body & Soul

Suzanne Taylor-King

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