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7 Simple Summer Self-Care Solutions

December 4, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to unplug from your computer and focus on improving your self-care! Shared below are a few simple solutions to keep you feeling energized, healthy, and cool all summer long. Here Are 7 Simple Summer Self-Care Solutions: 1. Get Some Sunlight. Firstly, be sure to use sun protection before heading outdoors.…

Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Light

December 4, 2019

June 21st is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, with the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the most hours of daylight. In balance, this is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, where the sun is at its lowest point with the fewest hours of daylight.…

Did Someone Say Party? Celebrate the Celtic Way

December 4, 2019

The ancient Celtic’s belief system was to heal and care for the whole person. A huge part of that process was embracing the cosmos and their infinite power. Celebrating each of the eight solar festivals can add richness and color to your modern life, and can help you feel more connected to your natural ways.…

I Feel Like the Moon

December 4, 2019

Living with a rare debilitating condition Called Symptomatic Mastocytosis, dubbed the ‘Allergic to the World disease’, is a challenging, and ever-changing journey. It causes my body to produce way too many mast cells. Normally, our mast cells are a great thing. They are there to protect and alert our body to all sorts of dangers,…

A Basic Guide to Numerology

December 4, 2019

You Can Count On It: A Basic Guide to Numerology We are all affected by the vibrating energy that governs the Universe, for we are all a part of it. Each shift or vibration affects us all, as we are part of a whole, and this vibration changes with each new day, month, and year.…

Understanding Our 8 Moon Cycles

December 4, 2019

Enhance Your Flow: Understanding Our Moon Cycles In today’s society, with the mere touch of a finger or a quick voice command, we are able to access and effectively overwhelm ourselves with unlimited amounts of information. We are a species that loves to learn, so essentially, we are becoming addicted to these machines we use,…

3 Steps to Rebound Energy Attacks

December 4, 2019

Have you ever had someone burst into your bubble and they were carrying the powerful energy of anger that had absolutely nothing to do with you? Only to find that they end up just popping back out of your space like nothing ever even happened? You find yourself left sitting there feeling overwhelmed, vibrating and…

Navigating Your Mind-Field

December 4, 2019

The Mind-Field or battleground of our mind can be a pretty scary place to hang out.  Yet many of us, continue to reside there, even in place of sleep. We’ll go back and forth, like a never-ending tennis match, as we desperately try to work through our issues. We instead need to step out of our mind, and…

You Are So Much More

December 4, 2019

“I am here to learn right along with you.  You are so much more!”  I was badly bullied in elementary school. Every single day.  The bullying occurred mostly by boys. All because they didn’t like the look of the body I lived in.  I also soon learned, to hate my entire appearance as a whole;…

Beating the Blame Game

December 4, 2019

Are you addicted to playing the Blame Game? So many of us blame everything that happens in our lives, on something, or someone other than ourselves. Some call this reflecting, but this is a very real and dangerous addiction. It is a vicious cycle, that consists of anger, resentment, and ego. Blame causes a whirlwind…

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