Beating the Blame Game

Are you addicted to playing the Blame Game?

So many of us blame everything that happens in our lives, on something, or someone other than ourselves.

Some call this reflecting, but this is a very real and dangerous addiction.

It is a vicious cycle, that consists of anger, resentment, and ego.

Blame causes a whirlwind of frustration, from never getting the desired reaction or result from your blaming tactics to going within and self-sabotaging your self.

It can tear up families, and people often end up alone, severely depressed, even suicidal.

Tip 1 – Suck it up Buttercup, Own Your Sh#t! 

Through my experiences, I have found, that the only way out of this cycle is, to put in bluntly, is to suck it up, and own your sh#t.

If you want to be better, then be better!

We do not have the power within us to toss our issues onto another soul. You can try and try, but you will never succeed.

In fact, this just causes, even more, blame addiction.

If another Soul is more advanced than you, you may find them giving you wise advice, such as, “You do not have to feel like this.”,

“I can not make you do, or say anything.”

In blame addiction, we reflect that advice back onto the person, with such statements as, “You’re the one who needs to change,” or the ever famous, “You are driving me crazy”, thus beginning the cycle all over again.

These are your thoughts, actions, and reactions, it’s time you owned them!

Tip 2 – Be Authentically You

If you are authentically embracing all your beauty, flaws, love and anger, and are able to own each and every thought, word, and action, that occurs and comes out of your body, then congratulations to you for owing your sh#t!

Every single one of us is on a very different, and unique path. just because you have chosen to share part of this journey with another soul, does not mean that you have chosen to also take on and ‘fix’ the life lessons this soul has in store. Doing this only results in failure.

Part of our journey is realizing that you can, and will eventually, count on yourself, and guess what, if you instead aim your ‘fixing’ focus on yourself, you will actually succeed 100% of the time.

Anger and ego is static energy, very easy to pass around, and it can take hitting rock bottom, and being left behind, and alone before the lesson is learned.

Tip 3 Be Thankful 

Wake up to the gift a new day, aware and thankful, that you have the freedom to choose the kind of day you are going to have.

Go outside for a moment, notice the birds flying freely, singing a tune, life is in full bloom all around you, reminding you that all things must constantly change and adapt to its environment, in its own unique time.

You are like no one else in this world, you will encounter, many like souls, but not one of them will be on the exact same path as you.

Making comparisons or judgments, of another, ‘s approach to life lessons is doing a disservice to your own Soul’s path.

Your focus must be on you.

Decide how you will approach each day, choose to be mindful of the feeling of happiness and love, versus anger and ego.

Here is my trick, when I feel myself getting angry, or jumping on the blame train, I politely remove myself, go somewhere quiet and just breathe, in and out, steadying my rapid heartbeat.

Then, when I feel ready,  I ask myself three questions,

“Why am I feeling this way?”,

 “Is this about me?”, and

“Is this serving my purpose and journey?”.

I always find myself much calmer, and most of the time, the situation that just had my blood boiling, wasn’t even about me and was over even before I had calmed down, thank goodness for my calming tactics, I likely would have carried it all day otherwise.

Tip 4 – Find Your Joy

Don’t worry, Be Happy!

Now its time to remind yourself what it’s like to be happy and feel love.

– What are your thoughts and dreams? 

– What fills your heart with joy and laughter? 

– Have you outgrown your goals? If so, that’s exciting, that means you can do or be anything your heart desires! This is an amazing part of our resilient Soul, we get to adapt and change and much as we want to.

– What do you want to do next? The world is at your fingertips!

Remember to remind yourself, every new day, that you have been created as an all-loving Soul, powered by Light Energy.

We grow and thrive, with love and happiness, but we will also wither and dim with anger and ego.

Release yourself of yesterday, and live in each and every beautiful moment as if it were to be your last.

Look beyond the ego and anger to the result or outcome, ask your key questions, and suddenly you are rolling with the punches, and finally living the life of love and joy you deserve.

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