• Jennifer Maki posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    As our first day LIVE with this new and WoWtastic 3.0 version of WU … I just want to relay what a delight and honor it has been, and is, to adventure in communications and message-crafting alongside this Powerhouse Team of co-creators @annapereira @sharialyse @briansurowiec (and his dynamo team). Your vision Anna and Shari, along with your tenacity and undeniable commitment to quality of product and support for this outstanding community of #WorldChangers, is second to none. I’ve been fortunate through my career to watch many missions come to fruition, and you just ‘know’ when there is Magic in the Make.
    THIS, born of genuine desire to empower and uplift, nurtured by unwavering belief despite ups and downs, IS how stellar, success stories are born, to be told to countless generations. And honestly, they know and I’ve seen, the unique and powerful loyalty that they’ve instilled in their team – through their love, appreciation and desire to evolve spontaneously and with openness and celebration of creativity. This WU Team, as so many of you #WUVIP understand personally, @ashleybrewer @heatherdurling @kimberlybayne @jennifertasker @heathercorinnelang work tirelessly for a vision and visionaries they believe in and love deeply. I have NEVER experienced commitment in quite the same way as these extraordinary women display each and every day. I am indeed blessed beyond words (well maybe I had a few 🙂 ). Thank you Anna, Shari, Brian, Heather, Ashley, Kim, Jenny and Heather, for asking me to join in on the dynamic adventure! j WU Celebration

    As our first day LIVE with this new and WoWtastic 3.0 version of WU … I just want to relay wha
    • I’m in my car reading this right now and crying. I have no words. This has been so challenging and so hard and yet worth it all because of those I stand next to, walk beside and carry a vision for. Thank you for being an integral part of this and helping to hold us up when things got tough. Thank you for seeing this with us and cheering us on all the while creating your own magic in the world. So grateful for you and love you so much. Guess I had a few words too. 😉 Honored to continue soaring with you and our amazing ladies in this endeavor! And of course our gentleman, Brian 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

    • understand how you are feeling @jennifermaki 😍
      When I first learned of this amazing FB group of #WUWorldChangers I just knew that I needed to be a part of this community, and what an amazing light-filled ride it has been!!! I quickly found myself enveloped in so much love that I couldn’t believe my luck in finding my soul family! I soon became part of TeamWU, and we began preparing for the 1st launch, this was one of the most exciting days of my life, and the doorway to my healing journey. ❤❤
      I can hardly believe that we are now
      launching the EPIC 3.0 version of thewellnessuniverse.com !!
      This amazing vision of uniting us through health and wellness is a true gift from above and I thank the light, everyday that @annapereira and @sharialyse were brought into my life. ❤❤❤

    • Thank you our Dear @JenniferMaki <3 As I sit here now, absorbing all of the go go go go our lives have been since the beginning of 2014, all to deliver a space for people who are truly changing and SAVING the world, no worlds can describe the emotions. Our stellar team has held us up and supported the community in ways some will never know. Literally, the work that goes into this, as our team knows, is thousands and thousands of hours, constant emotional roller-coasters, lots of financial support and investment because we see the vision for World-Changers. We are on a mission and as we create a more dynamic, robust and serving platform, those who have been searching for their space to rise and shine will find WU their home, as so many already do. We can't wait for the future to arrive for so many blessed treasures are planned. Thank you for being here and we are blessed beyond words for your excitement, commitment, integrity and allowing @ShariAlyse and myself to always be ourselves through this process, and unconditionally loving us through it all! You are a blessing. Thank you my Friend! <3 Love you XOXO