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Gabriella Randolph

WABI-SABI: The art of finding beauty in imperfection.

Determined and passionate individual, able to apply my experiences in the fields of psychology, health, education, and wellbeing. After recovering from an eating disorder in my teenage years, I discovered my purpose would be to aid others in their recovery process. Through recovery, one may uncover their true selves through mindfulness, and reverse the aspects of “Learned helplessness into Learned hopefulness”: coined by Martin Seligman (2012)

Nothing excites me more than the prospect of making positive contributions to our world, by pursuing the field of psychology. Therefore, I made an outstanding decision to attend the University of California Santa Barbara, as a Psychology major; in addition to minoring in the field of Applied Psychology.

I experienced feelings of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I often compared myself to others. Additionally, my attempts to be the best scholastically caused thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. Fortunately, I sought treatment and made a full recovery. I gained a healthy relationship with food, improved self-esteem, and obtained a fluid positive outlook on life!

Life is a continuous cycle of experience, from which we learn and grow. The ancient symbol found in almost every culture: the spiral is interpreted as universal being, growth, and fluid motion.

Through my practices, I hope to create positive wellness interventions, such as an engagement in activities that foster flow, in order to bolster various aspect's of the self and intrinsic motivation.

Gabriella Randolph

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