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Dani Montoya

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso“

Hi name is Dani and I am an artist and Reiki Master living, loving and working in Southeast Oklahoma, with my beloved husband, my two adorable cocker spaniels and one very old cat named Trouble.

For as long as I remember I have been a creative, making things, painting things, weaving things. Now I have the joy of doing it full time in my pottery studio. Yes, now I work primarily in clay. I also work with the modest gourd, cutting, wood burning, weaving, carving and painting on them.

Also as long as I remember I was drawn to healing. the healing I was drawn to was holistic, I know that now, but when I was young I dreamed of healing with herbs and felt a kind ship with medicine men and shamans. 

After losing both my mother and younger brother to cancer, Reiki found me and I responded.  I knew I had found a path.

Today I have been attuned to Usui Master Therapist and soon I will be Holy Fire Reiki. Within my art studio is a tiny room dedicated to my Reiki Practice and Essential Touch Massage which incorporates essential oils. I also have a fairly decent collection of crystals. I am blessed to live a few hours drive from the crystal mines in Arkansas and love to dig my own.

Dani Montoya

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