The Mothering Cycle

Dear mother,

Shifting away from “mothering” your adolescent children, will be more challenging than you expect. The emotional rollercoasters, fear, and uncertainty could drag you into places that will not be rewarding for you or your children.

They are becoming adults, and independent and with that, come the challenges of life that they need to face. It will help them build a strong foundation for their journey ahead. You already know that learning from experience is more valuable than our (the parents’) words.

You are and will always be, their mom. 100%!

The dynamics in every mother-child relationship are different. But in most cases, when your child reaches the point of soul-independence you and dad must shift things. It will allow your children to discover their own Self as they become a man or a woman.

I invite you to work through the attachments you lovingly weaved since their inception. Make the micro-adjustments first and then, as time presents the opportunities, untangle another and another. Please be gentle with yourself, because just like you nurture your baby through childhood you now will nurture yourself back to you.

Tons of love.
Eddie BenAbraham

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