The Dynamics Of a Heartbreak

Each one of us has felt it, whether it was the end of a romantic relationship, marriage, or the death of a loved one. Your heart ripped to shreds, and you dove into a dark pit of sorrow, shame, and lack of desire to live, it was f&#*ing painful!

Sounds familiar?

What the heck is going on there?

Why do we feel so much pain when our heart is “broken”?

First, your heart is not broken or damaged, you are perfectly well in fact, your reaction/response to the events is perfectly normal. Your heart’s energy is doing exactly what it is instructed to do.

“What do you mean Eddie? Who is instructing my heart to hurt so much?”

The answer is – You.

Your state of being is the result of your choice. At any given moment in life, you are free to choose – at will.

You are in charge!

The energy of the heart must remain in flow. Each one of us has a different level of flow that is directly related to the level of awareness and consciousness. There is another related factor and that is the age of your soul. How many lifetimes you’ve incarnated on Earth. However, regardless of your Akashic heritage, you are divine and loved by God in a way that is beyond your comprehension.

Where is the pain coming from? You are closing your heart and therefore creating a substantial resistance to the flow of energy that results in physical, emotional and energetical stress or pain.

The solution is opening your heart again to help ease the resistance and reduce the pain to zero. Opening your heart may seem like a trivial or simple thing to do but it is not – it is critical for your ascension process.

Doing the deep internal work to shed the layers of hurt from your past takes time and determination. There are many ways to open your heart but what is most important is that you recognize your need and with pure intent – choose to heal.

Ascending Into Your Heart’s Awareness is designed to guide you through this transformation and more. I invite you to visit my page and Book your Free call with me.

Love you tons
Eddie BenAbraham

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