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    Don’t miss this class! 🎉 Judith Walz @judithwalz “60 new clients, over 200 sessions in 5 months!” LIVE TODAY! Clubhouse Success Secrets for Wellness Practitioners, Authors, Coaches, Healers & Business Owners. LIVE 90 min. Masterclass – Register ASAP.

    With over 10 million users, and 2 million active users per week, #Clubhouse is the top platform to connect to your ideal audience for: partners, collaborations, clients, and so much more.

    Clubhouse is dominating the #audioplatform space and you need to get on it to have an experience like Judithann!

    This #Masterclass will share:

    The Basics: Setting up your profile, etiquette, engagement
    To Advanced: Setting up rooms, clubs, moderating, growing your following
    To Professional: Tools and resources for data collection, creating a funnel, and so much more!

    We will answer your FAQs and share resources, tips, and accelerate your learning with up to the minute information and tried and true experiences.

    Join Clubhouse experts Lisa Nicholls @lisanicholls , CEO, Tira! Strategies, Debbie Prediger @debbieprediger, Founder of Empowering You Community, Ruthann Bowen @ruthannbowen, CEO, Wix DesignHer, and Anna Pereira CEO Soul Ventures, CEO of The Wellness Universe for this live masterclass. Special guest @nicole-batiste

    Register now and receive a booklet filled with resources, tips, strategies, worksheets, and tools to track your relationships. $40 value!



    Go to the link. Masterclass description shares AMAZING success stories!

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    Don’t miss this class! 🎉 Judith Walz @judithwalz “60 new clients, over 200 sessions in 5