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Lisa Nicholls

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I love social media! I work in it all day, every day, and have been doing it longer than Instagram has been around! I love to work with businesses to create social media goals. Here are 6 things you should know about me and my work, to make it short and snappy.

1. I work with businesses in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and industries. It doesn’t matter what your business does, you can and should still use social media marketing as a way to create a relationship with your customers.

2. My secret sauce is that I can take your company and create a compelling social media presence out of the work you do, even if you don’t think it’s interesting. A presence that attracts your ideal clients and turns them into more than followers. Loyal customers. Which drives sales to your business!

3. I love creating a community around a business’s social media presence. Likes, comments and shares are great, but wouldn’t it be even better to have people talking about how great your product or service is? That’s what I specialize in.

4. I am an animal lover and currently have two rescue dogs and two rescue cats. Why does this matter? Because although I work with clients in all industries, I specialize in the petcare industry and know it really well, thanks to my menagerie.

5. This is how I sum up my job: I help businesses get more clients by creating a compelling social media presence, a marketing plan, and a marketing strategy that allows them to develop the know, like, and trust factor with their followers so that they turn into loyal customers.

6. I LOVE public speaking! Give me a microphone and a crowd, and I’m happy as a pig in mud? No, scratch that. Just really, really happy. I think one of my best moments in my life was giving a maid of honor speech at my sister’s wedding in front of 100 people, who all laughed at my jokes! Which means that one of my joys is speaking about social media at conferences, workshops, or in front of groups in general. Need a social media speaker? Pick me!

7. Bonus Fact: I won my 5th grade spelling bee after wrestling the title away from a boy named Alan. That’s important because my communication skills are top notch. I hate spelling and grammar errors, and proofread everything to be sure that your copy is error free and makes sense.

You can find me here:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @lisaanicholls
Instagram: @lisaanicholls

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Lisa Nicholls

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