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Ruthann Bowen

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Transforming your website from hot mess to total success.

CEO Wix DesignHer | Author of “The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Your Own Website in a Weekend” | Featured in Thrive Global and Medium’s Authority Magazine

Ruthann Bowen’s solid public relations and marketing expertise gives her a unique edge when it comes to web design for female entrepreneurs. Her ability to seamlessly apply those finely tuned skills to the digital space ensures each of her clients receives more than a website. They get the education and tools they need to move their business forward online.

Kickstarting her career as the publicity director for Warner Alliance (the gospel division of Warner Bros. Records in the 1990s) she covered all facets of the industry from writing press releases and pitching major media outlets to organizing and promoting album release events and concerts. From there, she took the leap and launched her own successful PR firm, The Bowen Agency, where her roster included VeggieTales, the Women of Faith tour, author Bob Briner, Thomas Kinkade, and many others.

After taking 15 years off to raise her family, when it came time to re-enter the workforce Ruthann quickly realized a pivot was in order. The PR landscape made a dramatic shift with the onset of social media. While taking time to strategize her next move, she took a small, part time job where web design was one of her responsibilities. And with that, she found her next career. In 2015, she relaunched The Bowen Agency as a web design firm and has grown to over 150 clients.

Now called Wix DesignHer, Ruthann helps other female entrepreneurs who are restarting their own careers get the solid online presence their new venture deserves. Whether losing a job from the pandemic, pivoting careers, or they simply want to turn their side hustle into a full-time gig, they all have one thing in common: the need for a website.

Ruthann’s diverse skill set combined with her own experience of reinventing herself, gives her the rare ability to deliver exactly what these women need. A high performing, professional website dedicated to growing and scaling their businesses while providing an environment of understanding and empathy for this second chapter in life.

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Ruthann Bowen

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