WU Member, Premier & Select Membership Application

APPLICATION PROCESS: Upon approval, you will have the opportunity to fill-in your profile. Your profile IS NOT PUBLIC until you enroll into a membership.

  • Plan on at least 10 minutes to fill out the basic application. 
  • If you qualify for Premier Membership, an extended application will open. Please plan an additional 15 minutes to fill it out thoroughly.
  • Apply as an individual. DO NOT apply as a business.
  • The application form generates your profile. SOME ITEMS CANNOT BE CHANGED (Like your name). Please be accurate and mindful.
  • Capitalize, check spelling and include title or name you are known by. Ex.: Dr. Lina (first name) Smith, MD (last name).
  • Your links must include “https://” in the front of the link and not just “www.yourlink.com” (Copy and paste from your browser to ensure link is pasted into the application correctly) 
  • You will receive an email from [email protected] upon approval with next steps.

Application opens soon.

Watch The Wellness Universe Membership Introduction meeting now to get notified of next enrollment:


Application will appear below
during enrollment period
July 22 – July 29, 2024.
Scroll down.


IMPORTANT: Upon application submission, you will see the below confirmation screen.

If you DO NOT see the Thank You screen upon clicking the submit application button, you will need to review your application and any areas in RED HIGHLIGHT must be filled out correctly.