WU World-Changer Membership Levels

Welcome to the Membership of a Lifetime

The Wellness Universe is here to expand your success, personally and professionally.


What do we mean?

Our Wellness Universe World-Changer Membership is second-to-none. The Wellness Universe has supported wellness professionals since 2014 with a peer network, visibility, publishing, public speaking, personal and professional growth, connecting members to an audience seeking wellness and supported by a leadership and support team making sure you are seen, heard, recognized, and respected for your contribution to the world as a wellness professional.

When you become a WU World-Changer, it means you have been vetted and recognized as a trusted resource for support, learning, guidance, instruction, and more! Backed by The Wellness Universe.

The greatest experience we hear about is the sense of belonging. Our organization is filled with countless opportunities and feels like family. You get the support you need to change the world all right here.

As someone who is committed to self-development, wellness, and well-being, you will be asking yourself “Why didn’t I join The Wellness Universe sooner?”

What does membership look like? WU World-Changer Memberships are available in three levels and once you are approved into the community you can begin your membership experience within the level you qualified for.

Apply to be a Wellness Universe World-Changer: Application to be a WU World-Changer

Let’s get you excited about what you can look forward to!

Below are quick descriptions of our memberships that will help you to pick the level that suits you best. Once approved, picking any of these levels activates your public membership and ushers you into a world of support and opportunity as a wellness professional!

Which level of Membership is right for you?

Currently, The Wellness Universe community is comprised of 3 membership levels:


A Wellness Universe Member is our entry level membership. Explore and access our wellness community, have visibility, participate in opportunities, and learn to expand and develop yourself and business with this membership level.


Based on your experience, qualified applicants will apply as a Premier Member. You are welcome to select this membership once your application is approved or select Wellness Universe Member Membership.

Premier Members are experienced providers of wellness and well-being services, self-development, coaches, consultants, trainers, facilitators, teachers, etc. with experience in your area. This level of membership creates high visibility, influence, and status. If you are looking for visibility, amplification, opportunities, support, Premier Membership is for you.

Only qualified Premier Members will be invited to be a Select Member at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Our WU World-Changer Membership Benefits Chart below gives you all the details. Within it you can see all the benefits as a Premier Membership, so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your goals.

Select Membership Level is by invitation only. Premier Members who qualify, based on experience and years in business, will be invited into this level of membership at no additional cost.

This level of membership allows The Wellness Universe to consider you for inclusion on our team of professionals to serve our corporate clients in addition to being in the top tier of professionals on our site.


What is the Value of Membership?

While how you use your membership translates into its worth as you experience greater outcomes, we have defined through a market comparable analysis the value per membership level solely based on features.

Member Membership Value: $4,600+
Premier Membership Value: $7,300+
Select Membership Value: $7,300++

The benefits you derive are through your participation, interaction, and involvement.

Are you ready to experience the next level of success? Impact? Community? Support? Influence?

Join us!



WU Members Exclusive Benefits Member Premier Select
*ReThink Wellness
Wellness for All Program Expert
Order of Appearance in Search Results 3rd 2nd 1st
Official Member of The Wellness Universe
Listed in The WU Directory of Resources
Exclusive Access to Private Members Only Community
Profile Included in Public Search with Photo
Network & Collaborate with Community
Members Only Email
WU World-Changer Badge
Your Profile & Microsite
Included in Search Engines
Newsfeed Posts are Public, Post Immediately
Engage on Newsfeed Posts
About Me Page (Profile Bio)
Listing Blurb
Tag Line
Private Messaging Member to Member
Personalized URL
Profile Viewable by Public Limited Full Full
Blog Within Your Profile
Embed Videos & Images into your Profile
Private Messaging Between Members & WU Friends
Clickable Links in Profile Bio (About Me)
Clickable Phone Number & Address for Mobile Users
Areas of Expertise Included on Profile
Types of Work You Do Included on Profile
Your Professional Title Included on Profile
WU Ambassador Support
Opportunity to be on the WU Team
WU Ambassador
Group Moderator
Councils & Boards
Internal Team
Opportunities for Business Growth, Influence & Earn Revenue
Personal & Business Growth Resources, Training & Tips
Access to WU Groups & Pages
WU Connects You Directly with Inquiries & Leads
Referral Program Reward 15% 30% 30%
Be Included in Special Projects & Collaborations
Lead Special Projects & Collaborations
First Priority for WU Opportunities
Exclusive Opportunities for Special Events
Keywords Linked to Your Profile 4 8 8
Social Media, Shop & Website Links 3 19 19
Website Link
Facebook Business Page
Twitter Link
Clubhouse Profile
Clubhouse Club
Facebook Group Page
Blog Link
WU Author Page
Amazon Authors Page
My Course
My Featured Product
WU Featured Blog
Author & Contributor on WU Featured Blog 1 article /Month 2/Month 3/Month
Links in Blog Article No Link 1 2
Core Blogger Opportunity
Blog Series Opportunity
Monthly Series Opportunity
Opportunities for Social Media Exposure & Engagement 1M+ Followers
The Lounge (Learning Center Webinar Platform) Instructor Account
Instructors Account
WU Expert Opportunity
WU Produced Exclusive Projects, Forums, Panels, etc.
Wellness for All Program Expert
Member Support
Member FAQs Access
Members Only Meetings with Q&A
Email Support
WU Ambassadors Welcome & Guidance
Personalized Email Support
Meetups & Networking Events in Person
Attend WU Hosted Meetups/Networking Events
Featured Visibility Across WU
Featured Member in Category Search Results
Your Profile Suggested on Profile Sidebar
Member of the Month Featured Across Entire Site Sidebar
Annual Awards
Featured Member on Home Page of WU
Live Events, Exclusive Invite Only Events, Speaking & Workshops Opportunities
In Person Panels
Breakout Talks / Workshops
One on One Sessions
Mainstage Talks / Workshops
Invite to Exclusive Special Events.
Event Expert (Speaker, Workshop Leader, etc.)
Mastermind, Mentoring & Support via Virtual Live Sessions Full Price FREE FREE
Specials and Discounts on Classes, Events, etc.
Access Valuable Traninings Full Price or Discount Discount or Free Discount or Free
Upgraded Member Private Group
Collaborate, Post, Tips, Help & Exclusive Opportunities
Annual Subscription $588/yr $888/yr $888/yr


Already a Member but Ready for More?

If you are ready to dive deeper into The Wellness Universe as an upgraded WU World-Changer and receive more amazing benefits from this community, login to your account and click Membership from the top right menu to upgrade your membership.

Our greatest hope is for every wellness provider to be able to wake up every day doing what you love while growing your business and impacting the world. Let us begin helping you build that limitless dream today!