How do you connect to the energy around you?

We are in the midst of the full moon period. This phase brings on strong energy, adding to the vibrations we feel all around us.

During this heightened period, we may be aware of the energy around us. But do you think about this concept on an ongoing basis? Do you consider the energy around you and how it helps or hurts your life purpose, goals, and desires?

Are you aware of how you connect to and manage the energy around you? Being present and aware allows you to understand the influences and manage your energetic space in a way that best serves you. It is vital to a life lived to your fullest potential.

Today’s VoiceAmerica show includes Marie Diamond, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author. Together, we will journey into The Energy Activation Portal to discover the power of how the energy around you helps or hurts your success, health, and romance.

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