Moving your body moves you towards health, wealth, and happiness.

Our bodies are wonderful. They do amazing things and hold so much vitality. And they deserve to be honored and treated with love and care.

One way to honor your body is to move. Doing so helps you process emotions, clear the mind so that it is open to creativity and solutions, and provide forward momentum.

There are many ways to move. Walking, dancing, yoga, stretching, and sports are some examples. Some ways of moving are fast-paced, while others are slower and more intentional. And each way of moving provides different benefits to us, unique to each of us as individuals with our own needs and experiences.

Taking the time to move your body shows you that you are deserving of self-care and health. It communicates that you love yourself, that you are worthy of forward progression, and that you deserve to tend to yourself as a loving soulful being.

During today’s VoiceAmerica show Helen Terry and I will explore “The Healing Dance Portal”. We will discuss tapping into the joy of dance and movement to enhance health, wealth, and happiness.

Join us HERE on VoiceAmerica at 1 pm ET/10 am PT.

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