Libra Season: Have you outgrown your relationships? Know when to let go and move on. NOW is the time.

We are in Libra season. Libra is all about how we do relationships. We call this season ‘fall.’ Every planet has a “fall position” where it is its weakest. With the sun strong in the self (Leo), it’s ‘fall’ is in Virgo, the sign of ‘the other.’

2020 is the year of the great spiritual awakening. Everything and everyone in our lives that we merely settled for and with, we are forced to stare into it and ask seriously to the depths of our soul, “Is this (person/situation) part of my happily ever after? Is it for my highest good? Will I be absolutely delighted to keep this for the next 20 years?” or are you just dealing… settling… because even though it’s not for you, it is comfortable.

2020 is your life’s earthquake, a massive, unforgiving wake up call, forcing you to face the results of your past 9-18 years of choices. Remember, you brought yourself to exactly where you are. And, you can (and probably should) adjust your trajectory.

THIS is the time to make very CONCSIOUS choices. It’s time to shit or get off the pot. Your choice will be something you have to stand by as it gets sealed in for the next several years. That little something in your gut telling you something’s off, TRUST THAT. DO NOT LOWER YOUR BRIGHTNESS to comfort anyone!

BE AMAZING. BE GREAT. GROW. LEARN. EXPAND. Get the hell out of your comfort zone! You can’t grow there. Say what you need to say and get it off your chest. Feel better, then move on… keep on stepping. CHOOSE YOU! No one else can or will… this is something you must decide and take action on. DO IT! JUST DO IT! Your future self is begging to be set free and SOAR! <3

I love you deeply! <3 

Your star sister,


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