Make Time for Yourself

As we head into a new season, we are adjusting to the new routines for ourselves and those around us. We are adapting to fewer daylight hours to enjoy outdoor activities and any new requirements.

I like to think of the change of seasons as a time to reassess my life and what choices I am making now. If you find you are not pleased with your assessment, perhaps you want to get back to your workout routine or join that yoga class you have been talking about doing. Whatever interests you, I recommend that you heed that gentle nudge to take action. I also encourage you to add a daily practice of mindfulness to your self-care routine, understand that can look different to each of us. Regardless of your chosen mindful method, it needs to be a daily practice for you to reap the health benefits, mental and physical.

To offer guidance, listen to a brief guided exercise that will help you to gain clarity:

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc.

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