Connect to Your Soul Through Nature Part 2: A 3-Part Blog Series

Nature is a living example of BEING, coming in contact with her allows us to connect to our Soul.

Stepping outside to spend time in nature, we connect to something inside of ourselves that is unseen and untouchable.

This week, in part 2 of this series, I share more ways to receive and gain a deeper connection to our Self from our time spent outside.


Do you take the time to really look and drink in with your eyes, the beauty and inspiration that is present for you in nature? Here are a few benefits of what we can discover about our own journey from our sense of observation:

  • Continuity

During the Spring, we can notice that some leaves have opened up while others are still buds on the trees. The grass is starting to grow, the small, vulnerable spring flowers are popping up everywhere.

When we step outside, noticing those tiny details that show up every day, we get a sense of the continuity that lives in nature. This is living proof that is directly in front of our eyes.

Observing daily, we start to witness the vulnerability that lives in nature. This serves as great inspiration when we recognize that this great lady, Mother Nature, grows steadily while staying vulnerable.

  • Rhythm

Spring time is when everything emerges and transforms into expansion. Observing nature’s transformation daily, you start to see those minute steps that create the transformation. We can also start to notice that there is a rhythm to Mother Nature emerging into her external expansion.

Each day reveals something different, each season offers a deeper understanding of a different rhythm.

Spring is all about emerging into the world. Summer serves as a reflection of living in full expansion. The fall season is all about the rhythm of letting go. Winter teaches us the value of dormancy and returning to the foundations or roots.

Observing the rhythm and noticing what this is creating, we start to get a feel of what this can create in nature as well as within ourselves.

  • Truth

Spending some time observing nature, we get a sense of the authenticity that prevails directly in front of our eyes, no matter what nature has gone through.

There is an integrity in the existence that is undeniable. That veracity serves as proof that there is legitimacy in living our truth. Nature doesn’t show us the easy way out, she shows us an endurance that lives in her integrity.

Observing and drinking in with our eyes, what is taking place in front of us, allows us to connect to that part of ourselves that is showing up in our own lives. When we can look at nature through the eyes of wonder and beauty, we turn that same sense of observation on ourselves and learn to live with more kindness and acceptance for who we are.

In the next article, I’ll share more tips about how to spend time in nature to connect to your Soul.

– Nicole

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